tuesday things

1. Dying over this whipped white russian!

2. I’ve decided that christmas ornament hooks are like socks. How do they disappear when you don’t even use them for 10 months out of the year?

3. How to find focus and mindfulness in your day.

4. Very sad that starbucks no longer has the eggnog latte! WHAT! This has been a staple forever.

5. I’ve seen so many people drying citrus on instagram and using it as garland or gift toppers. I def want to try it this week!

6. TV things! Yellowstone is crazy! I hate to say it but Walker is weirdly growing on me in a way. Even though Rip is always #1. I also thought Dexter was really good albeit super creepy. I need to get into some holiday movies on Netflix! Oh and last night I accidentally turned on the Boy Band Holiday Special.

7. I love this! You already have enough.

8. My kids love the Home Alone movies now and I mentioned this last year, but Max wants that talkboy recorder that Kevin uses in Home Alone 2. Well I looked one up to buy it… um it’s $1500. Like I can’t even imagine it works.