tuesday things

1. Have done next to nothing this week and it’s wonderful. Becoming one with the couch.

2. Dying for this roasted garlic kale lasagna.

3. Yesterday we got timed tickets for the science center and got the kids there in the pouring rain. Managed to get in and all situated and the fire alarm went off! It was insane. Everyone had to evacuate, it was pouring rain, and I just decided we are never going anywhere on Dec 26 and 27.

4. This is amazing. The perennial nature of relationships.

5. TV things! GAH Yellowstone. It’s so good. Do we think something is going to happen to Walker in this last episode… ? We also watched 1883 and I really liked it. I didn’t expect to. Also watched and loved Don’t Look Up and watching Emily In Paris season 2 now.

6. Also my favorite holiday movie is probably The Family Stone but I can barely watch it since having kids. Such a fragile state.

7. Habits to change your life forever.

8. When do you take your decor down? I can’t bear to take it down yet! I’ll do it the first week of January or something.