This week was all about getting back into the swing of things!

We were so insanely sad that holiday break was over. It was so dark in the mornings. It was hard to wake up for school! I was so sad Max was gone all day. Whomp whomp.

I took down all the christmas stuff. I’d love to leave it up until the middle of January but if I do that, it just hangs over me and I can’t accomplish anything else!

Prettiest winter skies.

This delicious drooly baby!

We did some arts and crafts.

I’ve mentioned before that my mom and I have season tickets to the broadway series of show here. It’s something we missed SO MUCH the last two years.

Arancini before… omg.

And we got our first snow of the year!

And yes our christmas lights are still on outside… haha. As are many neighbors!

She couldn’t wait to play in it!

She’s the best.

Then the kids had their annual physicals which were made great with stickers.

I definitely dressed this babe in the same nike outfit that his brother was wearing for basketball.

Movie night in bed is my favorite!!

Annnnd it’s a brand new week!