Another week down.

I want to eat this baby. He is delicious!!!

The week started off with tons of SNOW! It was exciting. But also a pain. Max and Eddie were still at a hockey tournament come Monday…

And they barely made it out of the snow!!

We waited very patiently…

I made a batch of my garlic confit from Everyday Dinners first thing Monday morning because I wanted to make a really delicious comforting meal for the boys once they drove home through the snowstorm. I made garlic bread, a house salad, my parmesan roasted broccoli, the lemon butter chicken from Everyday Dinners and my vodka pasta. It was the best meal.

Before they got home though, Emilia was chomping at the bit to get out in the snow!!

When Jordan was down for a nap we managed to get a little time in.

I’m obsessed the the ultra mini uggs but uhhhh not best for the snow.

Then Max was home! He IMMEDIATELY went out and played in the snow with Emilia.

But that’s only because Jordan was still asleep! Once he woke up, Max ran upstairs. He was sooo excited to see him.

So glad he’s home!!

The rest of the week was just a regular old week.

Emilia and I have so much fun picking out her school outfits.

This baby loved his mango pit.

This was before school one morning. WHY ARE THEY ALL IDENTICAL!!! Like seriously. No guessing where these babies came from.

We’re still very into makeup.

And Nike.

These two love muffins!!

Emilia had her first hip hop dance class this week!! She was soooo excited. It was okay. I have to look at other class studios for her!

Love a good caesar.

We got so much more snow today!

And bubble baths.

And cuddles!

They are my LIFE. xoxoxoxo