Oh this week.

We had a pretty regular week around here with a busy but great weekend.

So much of this week was heavy with what’s going on in the world and my heart is breaking for everything happening in Ukraine. I can’t tear myself away from the news cycle sometimes. Max is at the age where he is very aware of what has been going on and asks tons of questions about it. The videos circulating of the NICU babies in the makeshift bomb shelters are heart breaking. Seeing everything play out in real time on social media is just unbelievable.

The start of our week was so warm! Like 60+ degrees. Leftover ice + sand shovels… fun.

Baby toes for breakfast.

Ties for 2-22-22!

Finishing up reckless girls in the school pick up line.

Fresh air!!

I will never get over my last baby.

This week my mom and I had tickets for Hamilton! The show that was supposed to happen in 2021, but was moved to this winter.

Big boy taking a bottle from his brother.

One of Emilia’s favorite things to do is go through the car wash.

Coloring at grandmas! Another big favorite.


Surprise snow at hockey practice.

Just a little snack. Before he’s covered in food.

This drink is prosecco rosé?! Very good.

I actually had a second set of Hamilton tickets this week from Christmas!

I’ll never get over how amazing this show is. I’m always amazed at how this script came out of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s brain.

Max had hockey games at Penn State!

He was so excited to be in a “college town.” His words… ha!

And we had my baby niece (and goddaughter’s!!!) baptism!

Snacks before church because these covid babies haven’t sat through a mass yet with life the last two years. Eight kids ages four and under in one pew!!!

Cutest cousins.

Annnnd into a new week…