tuesday things

1. January seemed like such a bust over here. I’m thinking from here on out it has to be a trial/reset month and not a crazy goal month.

2. How good does this white lasagna soup look?!

3. I saw someone on IG put coconut syrup in their diet coke and I hate how much I am dying to try this.

4. Stop motivating yourself with guilt. Oh this is so goooood.

5. TV things!! Let’s see. Still watching And Just Like That but not that into it… the Steve scenes killed me. Very much enjoying Euphoria even though it makes me feel 1. insane and 2. terrified for my children but wow Eric Dane is so good in that terrible role. His meltdown scene in the foyer is probably the hardest scene I’ve ever watched!

6. Okay yes this is the third week in a row that I have mentioned Wordle but I’ve been playing the archives and I’ve got Eddie hooked and I don’t even want to tell you how many times we played this weekend. Also sort of sad that the NYT bought Wordle.

7. Best book you’ve read so far this year? my January reads are coming tomorrow and I’m happy to say it was such a great month of reading. Last night I started this one.

8. I’ve mentioned these before too but it’s a new year and everyone could use some journaling prompts to get you out of your head.

9. You know how the iphone has “people” in your contacts and matches photos to people? It puts pictures of Jordan in both Max and Emilia’s category! It’s crazy.