january 2022 reads

Ahh I had such a great reading month. I feel like I’m finally back in my reading groove ever since having Jordan back in June! We finally have some more structure to our days and nights and I am able to read at night more too. I even got an entire book read in one sitting which hasn’t happened since he was born, but is probably my all-time favorite thing to do.

I really loved this month’s books!

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What I Read In January 2021

The Charm Offensive – 5 stars

This book was SO good. Absolutely loved it. The story follows a producer on a bachelor-like show who falls in love with, well, the bachelor. I LOVED both characters (especially Charlie!!) and it ended up being such a feel-good fun read. I also love any dating-in-secret trope and it did not disappoint. I found the ending so emotional too!

Reminders of Him – 5 Stars

I have no words. As usual, Colleen Hoover gutted me with this one. I read it in one sitting, in the middle of the night, which is horrible to do when you barely sleep anyway from babies! But it was so good. I loved it. I will say that I didn’t realize going in that there is a situation in this revolving around a mother + child and I could barely handle it. I cried the entire book and I AM NOT A CRIER!! But it ended up being so good and I adored it and loved the ending.

Love and Other Disasters – 4 stars

This was a really good one. I really liked it but I just loved the other two above so much that I had to dock a little point off this. The story follows Dahlia (side note: this was one of my baby names for a girl! I love it!) who goes on a cooking reality show. It starts as a disaster and ends up with love. I so enjoyed this and it was a light, fun quick read!

A Little Hope – 3.5 stars

This is a good read but ugh, it was a hard one. First, it kind of felt like it was all over the place – there are many different characters and storylines. But I loved how this is really just a story and the lives intertwine. Nothing huge really HAPPENS if that makes sense. I almost didn’t read this because of the sickness storyline. I prefer not to read about that and use my books for happy escapes from the real world. Ultimately I’m glad I did read it – it is so well written and a great story. It really picked up for me in the middle!

The Family Firm

I love following Emily Oster’s instagram. I love how she explains things in a data-driven way without bias behind it. She doesn’t tell you what to do, but presents the data and encourages you to decide based on the data. I also just like her in general from the following her IG! I listened to this book on audible and wish I would have earlier. And I really wish I would have known about Expecting Better when I was pregnant with Max.

(This is not sponsored and there are a few bookshop affiliate links above! I purchased all books myself. Thank you for reading!)