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February Favorites.

february favorites

Here’s a peek at everything I loved in February 2022! xo


Tru Fru Strawberries. I’m obsessed with these. And the raspberries! They are frozen berries covered in a layer of white chocolate and dark chocolate. They are the best after dinner snack.

Puffworks Strawberry Peanut Butter Puffs. Another thing I love! The peanut butter puffs are how I introduced peanut butter to Jordan a few months ago. I ordered a pack of the strawberry pb for us to try (not Jordan, since they do have a little bit of sugar) and oh my word. Guys they are so good! They really are a dreamy snack. I love the flavor.

Brightland Chili Oil. I’ve used Brightland olive oil for a few years now. Their chili oil is LEGIT. I use it on anything I don’t want to put my favorite chili crunch on. The drizzle is perfect. Pizza, hummus, feta, everything!


Aura Photo Frame. This frame is the best gift ever. It is a digital frame, but multiple people have access to it through an app and can upload photos at anytime. SO basically, it’s perfect for grandparents. We got it for my MIL and it is a hit!  Also a great way to photo share, and a surprise for the person who has the frame.

Bodum Double Walled Glasses. I’ve talked about these for years but they are my favorite glasses. I drink coffee from them everyday. We’ve broken a few (cough cough Eddie) so I just ordered another six. They are the best. They are also the glasses that guests reach for most often.

Scrub Daddy. Another oldie but goodie… and worth rementioning. I couldn’t find a scrub daddy anywhere – maybe because of the pandemic? When they finally came back in stock I got a pack of four. If you haven’t tried this sponge yet, YOU MUST. It changes the game for washing dishes. It is fantastic. You really need to try it to know what I mean.

Mini Disposable Tongs for Cheeseboards. I bought these last year when I got the bamboo cheeseboards and I can’t believe how much I use them. Whenever I take a cheese plate to someone’s house, I add a few of these on so we don’t have to worry about utensils. I don’t have to worry about getting anything back and the host doesn’t need to be bothered with grabbing a fork, etc. Then you just toss them. They are great!


Marie Veronique Barrier Restore Serum. Guys, my skin is a disaster. It has never been this way. I got perioral dermititis while pregnant and it has flared ever since. I think it has to be horomonal because I haven’t used too much of/any different products. It’s most like still from nursing. ANYWAY. After tons of research I found this line and I think this is the biggest skincare win I’ve found in years. I am using the barrier restore serum, the intensive repair serum maybe once a week and the barrier lipid complex. I’m also using the balancing hypnotonic, which might be the best thing I’ve found since my favorite caudalie toner was reformulated.

Makeup by Mario Moisture Glow Lip Serum. I was pleasantly shocked at how much I LOVE this. It’s a very moisturizing gloss – like SO soft it almost smashes down when you put it on. I love the shade range. It says plumping and there may be a slight cooling effect but nothing that burns or tingles. It doesn’t last forever, but I don’t expect a lip balm to last. I really love it and have already almost used up one of them! I love the bare glow and rose glow shades.

Osea Oil. I saw this everywhere and finally bought it. OMG. It smells like heaven, has a pump and does not leave your skin greasy. The scent is fantastic. I use this everyday when I get out of the shower. I adore it!


Dolce Vita Nude Slides. I bought these last year and then they sold out everywhere. The nude color is so flattering. I’m hoping for a warm day this weekend so I can wear them! They are very comfortable and I can walk in them for several hours, even post pandemic when I went forever without wearing heels. There is actually a target dupe of these out there too, but I’ve never been able to find them in my size.

Long sweater blazer. First, the color. It’s so good! Second, I lived in my JCrew sweater blazer before the pandemic started. I think it’s such a good “mom piece” because you can really use it to make a very casual outfit look semi more put together. Anyway, I got the long version and I LOVE it. This has such a nice shape and lays nicely – better than a regular long sweater. The only thing is that this runs big.

Lululemon Like a Cloud Sports Bra. This is my new favorite sports bra by far. It isn’t as tight and doesn’t have as much compression as previous lulu sports bras I’ve tried. It is really comfortable and I love that there are no clasps and most importantly – I can easily pull it down to nurse. Huge win over here! They have it in both A/B and C/D cups too.


Black Cake. This was the best book I read in February – I could not put it down. It might be my favorite book of the year so far!

1883. This show is SO good. It is not happy and it isn’t necessarily feel good either. But it’s SO well done and you get hooked. I can’t believe how much I ended up loving it in the end.


Chunkies paint sticks. These are SO satisfying. We love them.

Number Blocks math cubes. Emilia LOVES Number Blocks on netflix. Even Max likes it. The song is stuck in my head 24/7 and drives me crazy but wow – it has especially taught Emilia a ton of math. She loves these!

Nanit Monitor. I saw people use the Nanit when I had Emilia and thought “oh no way do I need something like that.” Um, fast forward to the third child and I love it. Not sure I could live without our Nanit. It is the best monitor and most of all, I love the sleeping bags that monitor his breathes. I used the owelet with both Emilia and Jordan but now we’re at the stage where he kicks the owelet off. So this is great! I also love the reports you can and how you can see the activity throughout the night. For example, Emilia “sleeping through the night” meant she went to bed and woke up in the morning. When Jordan does this, it’s interesting to see how many times he actually wakes up at night but puts himself back to sleep a few minutes later. I love it and could not recommend it more!

Little Spoon. I used Little Spoon with Emilia and I credit it to her palate being extensive and incredible. I did full baby led weaning with Max, a mix of BLW and purees with Emilia and that’s what I’ve been doing with Jordan. This purees come to you every other week and the flavors just go beyond what I cook on a weekly basis, especially on busy nights! Think herb infused meals (rosemary chickpeas), curries, quinoa, kale, mango – and lots of flavors I can’t even get access to fresh in this season right now. I love it! I’ve seen influencers sponsored by them and I am not – I have always bought it myself and have been really happy with it.

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]

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    4 Comments on “February Favorites.”

  1. My husband gave me the Aura frame for Christmas. I had never expressed interest in a digital photo frame and when I unwrapped it I was underwhelmed, ha, but he had pre-loaded it with a bunch of photos of our dog (my only child) and our travel and I instantly LOVED it! The ability to add pictures from the app is so great and I really just love having rotating photos all day long. Such a great gift!!!

  2. Do you ever put those mugs in the microwave and do they get super hot, like too hot to hold? All of my mugs except 1 do that and it drives me nuts! Definitely in the market for some new ones and I’ve seen you recommend those before!

  3. We buy freeze dried fruit (the crunchy kind) at Target. Recently, my daughter wanted to try chocolate covered freeze dried strawberries…I cannot express to you how AMAZING these things are! It’s a whole berry in dark chocolate. OMG. Tried the mango too, but don’t love it as much.

  4. I’m so sorry you’re fighting peri-oral dermatitis. I have rosacea which is similar and when it flares I just want to hide. It makes me so self conscious. Anywho FWIW i have read that some kinds of toothpaste can trigger perioral dermatitis. 

    Sending you healing vibes.