tuesday things

1. It’s the week to make a lucky charms cereal milk latte!

2. Who do I need to beg to get daylight savings time to end. For real. I wish it was this light out all the time!

3. How to change your life with habit tracking.

4. TV things!! I finished Love Is Blind 2 (Shake is the WORST) and now I’m watching The Dropout. I also finished Pam and Tommy. Also I am still clinging on to a Million Little Things even if it was the #1 show ruined by the pandemic. Last week was slightly reassuring? Even though I’m convinced they’re doing it to end the show.

5. The joy of letting go.

6. The way my tastes have changed since having kids is wild. I’m not as into mint and chocolate as I once was (thought I do still enjoy it). I started liking marinara sauce more. I want mostly savory things and not sweet. Has this happened to you? I know our tastes change every seven years or something but mine definitely seem to be kid related.

7. How to finally write a novel. This is inspiring!

8. On that same note, what are you reading now? So excited to start In a New York Minute today!