1. Can’t even get over these chocolate rainbow surprise cupcakes!!

2. I’m trying to push back my coffee drinking by an hour or so. I still only have one cup of coffee a day, but many times I have it like ohmygodtheminuteIwakeup because babies. I’m trying to wait an hour and see how it goes. Basically, torturing myself.

3. For a pen and paper freak like me, these best pens of 2022 are so satisfying.

4. I’ve really lose my brain! In the last two weeks I made two recipes that ended up failing, and guess what? I made the same two recipes last spring, in the exact same way, that also were huge fails. It’s like I completely lost a chunk of my brain and just forgot.

5. How to let go of obsessive thinking.

6. TV things!! I am still enjoying The Dropout, Amanda Seyfried is just incredible. Also watching Life & Beth with Amy Schumer and it’s so good too.

7. Speaking of that, over the weekend I came across Saved By The Bell on TV and Max got hooked. He thought it was SO funny. We only watched about half an episode and I kept thinking how young he was. Then I realized I was only one year older than him when the episode aired. WHAT? I mean I basically feel like my old favorite shows should be in black and white at this point…

8. How to make time for reading, no matter how busy you are! I get asked this question every single day, and this is such a good post.

9. I’ve been putting my beauty faves in my monthly favorites posts, because let’s be real – pandemic life! But there is a sephora sale coming up and inquiring minds want to know if you want a current sephora favorites post…