We had another regular old week. My favorite kind.

Can’t believe we’re headed into easter week! Time.is.flying.

I swear he loves the trike stroller, despite the serious frown face.

The kids love doing these dino eggs. They are just ridiculously messy.

French braid life.

Both kids started baseball this week! Well, Emilia started tball….

Swung the bat so hard that her helmet fell off… LOL.

Max turned the white board into a giant penguin.


Those two little teeth.

Made turkey taco tostadas this week! This was Emilia’s so it wasn’t fully loaded… but we added pickled onions, sour cream, cilantro, salsa!

School crafts and snack plates. She had to make the umbrella rain something. She chose sprinkles!!

Max did the baking soda/vinegar fun this week.

Jordan climbed all over the house.

We dyed easter eggs! One of my favorite things ever.

We did them the traditional way but also did a few cool whip eggs!

I love the colors.

Making a unicorn egg!

Finished dyed ones…

(Almost) finished cool whip ones!

The kids made this giant magnatile pizza place.


And then we got in our easter PJs! So these are the kids’ PJs from last year… see here!

We got baby Cooper’s PJs from last year so Jordan could match them this year! You can see Coop wearing them in this post too.

Obsessed with this recreation! P.S. if you haven’t tried the Little Sleepies PJs yet… the last FOREVER. Clearly. They are super soft and really stretchy and can go on the kids for multiple sizes.

My heart!