We’re saying goodbye to March with a little dance party…

Most of the time they are BFFs.

How is she 13?!

The only real dinner pic I got! Some turkey bolognese with veg and pasta.

I love that my chives come back every year. Despite me doing nothing and killing some of my herbs.

Hockey boy.

Helmet, meet baby bump.

Signs of spring downtown. This made me so happy!

A killer cobb.

I love his love for bright colors! He was trying to make rainbow tie dye, haha.

Sweetest little pea on a rainy day.

Obsessed with all the trucks.

Verrrry excited to go to swim.

I just can’t handle them in these swim caps!

On repeat… toast with the american spoon almond butter and banana. It’s so good. Eating that almond butter by the spoonful.

She loves to give her doggies baths outside.

First little mall trip with cousin baby cooper!!

I love how they set themselves up here. Blankets, kindle, cuties.

Then they had a dance party.

I have no idea how it started but it made my night. Emilia is usually the ring leader.

But my favorite sight! A pile of books, snacks, blanket… I love it.