tuesday things

1. Very tempted to try this air fryer pb and j!

2. I am still a magazine junkie in 2022 even if I don’t get a ton of time to flip through them. Broke my heart last week when I saw that Martha Stewart Living is going out of print.

3. On that same note, I love that Max is super into writing, drawing, pens, paper, highlighters – everything I love. I hope that never changes! I gave him a new pack of highlighters last night and you’d think he got a bar of gold.

4. Productivity hacks that actually work. I’m a huge fan of time blocking and batching work.

5. I’m seeing Coachella things all over of my IG and while going may be my worst nightmare, my generation that is there is definitely selling it a bit. Actually seems a little fun.

6. I love reading people’s morning routines.

7. TV things!! I’m watching WeCrashed and it is sooooo good. Also want to start Severance!

8. And I adore the idea of a reset ritual.