Crazy that we’re into May!

This little bubs! I cannot handle him.

Every single one of Max’s baseball practices and games have been cancelled due to rain – except this one!! Finally!

These cuties at the water table!

Best girl before school. Her outfits!!

She loves walking Jordan.

Max, Emilia and I blew up a bunch of balloons for our nanny’s birthday

The mission was to keep all the balloons away from Jordan. He was not happy.

This chantilly cake was amazing despite the sad looking fruit.

Real life rainbow brite.

Look at those cheeks.

I marinated some diced onion for one of our house salads this week!

Emilia was seriously drinking with these puppets on her hands.

Jordans on Jordan.

Time for tball!

This is what Jordan thought of tball…

My chives came back and they are starting to bloom!

Finally some legit play-outside weather.

We visited my grandpa who is home from Florida… almost 94!!

She is just the brightest light on earth.

Max and I have enjoyed playing Battleship so much! He got it for his birthday and is loving it.

This is a peek at my aerogarden from last week – the herbs have already doubled again!

Annnnd it’s a new week!