I can’t believe we’re into MAY!

This week is a special one with lots of good eats!

What’s on your menu this week?!

What To Eat This Week

Kick things off with black bean and corn cheddar melt burgers. These are so delish.

Next up: grilled chicken orzo with avocado. Leftovers are amazing for lunch, just leave the avocado out and add right before eating.

On Wednesday we’re celebrating the one year anniversary of Everyday Dinners! Make my burrata baked ziti!!

Make some sesame beef bowls. They are always a huge hit at our house.

A batch of lemon ginger couscous chicken soup. It’s light enough for warmer weather.

Coconut curry pork meatballs are so wonderful! Love to serve these over rice.

For lunch, I’m going with my greek orzo chickpea salad. You can make a batch of orzo at the start of the week for this and the grilled chicken salad!

And breakfast – these delightful peanut butter overnight oats. So so good.