1. The melting smile emoji it 100% my new favorite emoji.

2. I really want to try this spicy margarita with a chamoy rim! I’ve never tried chamoy but see it allll over IG reels

3. Speaking of, how do you feel on reels these days? IG is such a bummer.

4. We live in an area that has a lot of stinkbugs (awesome) and they get in our house… Eddie thinks it’s hilarious that when he grabs them to get rid of them, he “accidentally” drops them and dances around. Not so funny because HE KEEPS DROPPING THEM and then they disappear.

5. What’s one pandemic-related chore that you’re keeping around? For me it’s grocery delivery. It’s so hit or miss, many times the produce is iffy and occasionally items are forgotten, but it is the best money spent. Well worth it to me!

6. TV things!! Okay so.. I was a bit… underwhelmed by This Is Us last week. I did like it, I thought it was clever and really well done. But something was just… missing for me. I don’t know what! Hmm… I watched Working Moms. I still find all the characters incredibly unlikable but blow through the show every time!

7. The things I’d do if I wasn’t afraid. I love this!

8. This weekend I (re?)discovered Fresca which I thought was more of a soda, but rebranded (I went down the rabbit hole, trust me) a few years ago and now is a serious grapefruit soda water. And OMG if you love grapefruit, you will freak. It is so delicious. Better than any grapefruit spindrift or seltzer ever.

9. The coastal grandma trend is basically my dream. Put me in a Nancy Meyers movie.

10. P.S. Summer Fridays returns next week!