This broccoli slaw is my favorite summer dish to bring to a cookout or potluck! You can prep the entire thing ahead of time, it is so super crunchy and refreshing. It’s the perfect side dish!

Well just look at this big bowl of deliciousness that we have here!

the best broccoli slaw

Broccoli slaw is so super crunchy, so tangy and a huge hit all around. 

ramen noodles

This broccoli slaw is one of those dishes that you can make all summer long. You can prepare it ahead of time, take it to a party, serve it as a salad, or even as the slaw topping for a sandwich. Options are endless and that is my favorite kind of recipe!

broken ramen noodles

Now I know that I just shared a version of broccoli slaw a few weeks ago with my BBQ chicken meatballs. That one is creamy and a great plain base for meats or mixing with other add-ins. 

But this one is a party classic. It’s not creamy – no mayo or yogurt – and it’s perfect to make ahead of time for a get-together or potluck. 

It is so crunchy, so refreshing and loaded with tons of flavor. 

The recipe comes from Lacy’s mother-in-law and Lacy has raved about it for years, so I knew we had to make it.

ramen noodles, green onions, sunflower seeds

My favorite thing about this slaw as opposed to the other, creamier one from a few weeks ago?

This one has a rice vinegar and toasted sesame oil base! Oh yes. It’s tangy and briney and super delicious. I told you this one was coming and so versatile.

toasted sesame dressing

Remember that ramen noodle crunch salad I shared a few years ago? This is like that, but with broccoli slaw. You’re going to break apart two blocks of ramen noodles – break them into tiny pieces! – and mix them with a bag of broccoli slaw. 

We’re also adding a few other crunchy things, like sliced green onions and sunflower seeds. If you really like a hint of sweetness, you could even add in some dried cranberries or tart cherries.

Anything that adds lots of texture of crunch can be thrown right on in there.

the best broccoli slaw

When it comes to the noodles, I buy ramen noodles that come without flavor packets. If you buy the traditional ones that do have the flavoring packets, you can either discard them, save them for something else, or you can even add them into the dressing. The original recipe calls for adding them right to the dressing, but I skipped that part. I like to determine the salt and flavoring myself. because I am a major control freak. You know. 

But really, if you add the flavoring packet, just watch how much salt and pepper you add. You will have to do a few taste tests. 

the best broccoli slaw with lime

The best part about this is that you can throw everything in the bowl ahead of time, and even dress it ahead of time. The dressing softens both the slaw and the noodles and it’s what makes this slaw-like and perfect for eating. Dress is at least 30 minutes before serving, but it can chill in the fridge for longer and leftovers are fabulous.

I like to serve this as a salad or side dish. Basically pile it on your plate next to some grilled chicken and mac and cheese and fruit! You can also use it as a sandwich topper. We have put this on pulled pork and shredded chicken for sandwiches and that is excellent too. 

the best broccoli slaw

It’s the crunchiest!

the best broccoli slaw

Our Favorite Broccoli Slaw

Broccoli Slaw

This broccoli slaw is my favorite summer dish to bring to a cookout or potluck! You can prep the entire thing ahead of time, it is so super crunchy and refreshing. It's the perfect side dish!
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  • Place the broccoli slaw in a bowl. Crush the ramen noodles into pieces and place them in with the broccoli slaw. Add the green onions and the sunflower seeds. Sprinkle in the sesame seeds.
  • Place the oil, vinegar, toasted sesame oil, honey and lime juice in a blender or bowl with a big pinch of salt and pepper. Blend or whisk together until it’s smooth and combined. Pour half of the dressing over the broccoli slaw and toss it together well. Refrigerate for 30 minutes before serving.
  • Serve with the extra dressing for drizzling - you can add it on right before serving, or let guests add it as they wish.

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the best broccoli slaw

Eating our greens!