tuesday things

1. Are you a sweet or savory breakfast person? Years ago I preferred sweet, but now I only want savory breakfasts. Forever and ever.

2. I am so very intrigued by olive oil ice cream. Love the salty element.

3. Your cold brew suggestions last week were amazing. So many of you recommended Stok. I’ve been drinking that off and on for a few years but it seems to not really have much flavor? What am I doing wrong!

4. How to take a digital detox this summer.

5. We’re taking a little staycation later this week and I need all of your hotel room essentials.

6. TV things!! I have not watched Stranger Things yet – I just can’t seem to get into it even though I loved the first few seasons. Thoughts? Also, I LOVE Hacks. It’s the best.

7. I have been waiting for good peaches to make peach cobbler for what seems like months. I can’t wait for the first batch. Do you remember my drama with the peach truck last year? Heh.

8. The secret to any lasting friendship.