tuesday things

1. I need this fried pickle ranch dip. WOW.

2. Our local farm closed and I am so sad. When I tell you that I got nearly all of my summer produce there – the best local corn, tomatoes, peaches, cantaloupe, green beans. Super bummed!

3. The most exciting groceries in America.

4. TV things!! I’ve watched The Summer I Turned Pretty twice now the whole way through. I’m obsessed and think it’s so cute.

5. I took the kids to see Jurassic World over the weekend and just have to say – why is that soda machine thing that can give you all sorts of the flavors the best thing ever? I’ve never even cared for carbonated drinks (aside from the occasionally diet coke!) but the fact that I can get a diet cherry vanilla coke from that thing is amazing.

6. Do you call it soda or pop? I called it pop growing up… Eddie kind of converted me to soda.

7. Being at the movies made me think of candy we liked when I was growing up. Like why was I so obsessed with Nerds? I think it was because it came in a box, and you could get the watermelon version which had hot pink and neon green on opposite sides.

8. FYI my neon obsession will never die. Never.

9. I love these habit hacks from my of my favorite books.