tuesday things

1. It’s definitely s’mores sundae season.

2. Anyone else feel like their house has to be completely spotless and uncluttered before a trip or vacation? Why am I like this. It’s basically impossible.

3. Okay I finally got the peach truck peaches and they are great. Like I got them off the truck. Have made 3 peach cobblers for people, peach salsa, peach caprese and peach pizza. SO much peach.

5. As my kids get older and start to eat more, I kinda need to adjust my cooking expectations – as in, when I make a sunday dinner or something… we eat almost the entire thing. Like no leftovers. I used to make a meal and we’d have two or so days of leftovers. It’s crazy!

6. Speaking of, Max loves hot dogs. Yesterday he saw the hot dog eating competition for the first time and his mind was blown. He was screaming the entire time. “53 hot dogs?! 65 hot dogs?!” It made our forth.

7. Hello I would like to stay in this Dolly Parton suite.

8. TV things!! Started The Old Man last night. Have you watched? We still didn’t start Stranger Things and I need to.

9. On saying no. I love this and am all about a good boundary.

10. I want to make a s’mores version on the grill…