tuesday things

1. Craving a slice of this lemon raspberry pie.

2. Hello, it’s the return of tomato toast season. Toast your sourdough, spread some mayo, slice some cheddar, topped with tomatoes and flaky salt.

3. Negative truths that are actually beneficial. I love this.

4. I’ve never been into super high end luxury handbags. But I can’t believe how close the replicas look on amazon. It is insane and I can barely tell a difference given the pictures. I’m sure in person it’s much more clear.

5. TV things! Um my day was just made when I realized a new season of Virgin River is coming out tomorrow. Eeeeep! Also started the Victoria’s Secret Angels and Demons documentary. Yikes.

6. Speaking of, was there anyone else in the early 2000s who got so excited for the VS semi-annual sale? I distinctly remember the commercials for it and going into the stores, looking through tons of bins and buying too much body splash. Lovespell for the win.

7. All about the stanley mug.

8. I’m already so sad that summer is more than half over for us! Hoping I’ll be more than ready to get back into a routine in a few weeks but for now, I’m loving it.