tuesday things

1. My current favorite no cook meal is cottage cheese sourdough toast. I cannot believe I am even typing there words out because if you would have told me I liked cottage cheese a few years ago, I would have laughed in your face.

2. Majorly craving this chicken caprese sandwich.

3. Every ad I’m served on social is for tons of fall clothes and winter coats. I am not ready.

4. My kids have started playing marco polo is the pool. It’s very cute! And exhausting.

5. 15 places to apply minimalism. I love this.

6. TV things!! I’ve been watching Virgin River all week. Eeeep! I just can’t even handle the chemistry between Jack and Mel – their chemistry on screen has been so good since season 1.  Max and Emilia are also obsessed with the show Is It Cake on netflix.

7. I read an article last week about planning to procrastinate. I loved it! I can’t find it, but the premise was if you find yourself procrastinating on social media, etc before starting something important, plan out a few minutes before to work that into your schedule. Sounds like nothing but I can’t tell you how much it has changed my mindset.

8. The benefits of anxiety. Interesting!