Another week in the books!

This week was all about getting back in the swing of things after vacation and getting a few things ready for the school year.

Very into wearing hats because she wants to do everything Max does.


Jordan begs for this hat to be put on his head backwards everyday. He wears it for a long time too! It’s hilarious.

Love bugs.

I made a big batch of my egg salad.

We “did makeup.”

She told me she is rainbow dash from my little pony!

Roasted some garlic one day.

And made roasted garlic butter!

Grilled potatoes for my gorgonzola potatoes.

And grilled lots of asparagus too. This is one of the kids’ favorites.

Had to finish things off with s’more to make it feel like vacation again.

Emilia woke Max up one morning begging him to build this lego for her.

Eddie and I saw Billy Joel!!

I got this ridiculously overpriced terrible margarita and I don’t know why.

The night was GORGEOUS. It was like 65 degrees with a stunning sunset. It was actually cool too.

The concert was good. This is the third concert we’ve been to in nine months which is hilarious because we are not concert people at all. I think being stuck inside for so long made us lose our minds. But Eddie has always wanted to see Billy Joel so we crossed it off the bucket list.

Marinated tomato season!!

And made a delicious dinner tonight with all the summer produce.

I can’t believe we’re coming to the finish line for summer break.

How are these lovebugs mine!?!?!

One last peach cobbler for summer – pretty sure it’s the end of the good peaches for us here.