We had such a lovely last week of summer!

The kids so badly want Jordan to stand for a picture with them and he just runs away every time.

Signs of fall!


Very excited to be wearing butterfly clips in her hair.

This boy.

He is a riot.

Back to school pool party with friends!

The kids were so excited to night swim.

Remember like 20 months ago when I told you we were building a house?


Morning makeup.

Just chilling like this.

Dinner at pusadees.

All went well until there was a worm in our salad.

More swimming to round out the weekend!

And perfect caprese.



Jordan’s CURLS!!!

They are perfect.

Baby Cooper cuddling up to Emilia!! Not so baby anymore…

Last weekend before school = ice cream.


His tucked in shirt and hat and shoes. I can’t!

More marinated tomatoes for dinner.

Max and Emilia requested filet and grilled asparagus for their last weekend meal before school.

Corn of course!

Just a little excited.

So much corn.

Everyone loves it though!

Have a great week!