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July & August Favorites.

summer favorites

A peek at everything I loved in July and August 2022!


Tomato toast!! I will never let a summer favorites post pass without a tomato toast mention. It’s on repeat. Sourdough, sharp cheddar, tomato.

A Dozen Cousins beans. These are my favorite beans. The flavors – so good. The ease and packaging, incredible. I give them to the kids too. Both refried beans are amazing.

Trader Joe’s Dill Pickle Mustard. Enough said. If you are a pickle freak like I am, you need this. It’s amazing in egg salad.

Trader Joe’s Patio Potato Chips. We have loved these since they came out a few years ago. Again, very pickle and mustard forward. We buy multiple bags at a time! And I am not a huge chip person.

Topo Chico margarita hard seltzers. I was so excited to try these this year! I really like the strawberry hibiscus and signature flavors. I do wish they had more of that super fizzy bubble that regular topo chico has, but they are still delish. On their IG, they show them dipped in chamoy and tajin. I have to try!


Scout 4 Boys bag. I can’t rave about this bag enough. I talk about it every summer. I use this as our pool and beach bag – it’s waterproof, has a zipper, can hold all the towels, sunscreen, clothes, snacks, water bottles – EVERYTHING. It’s amazing.

Salted Honey candle. I am absolutely loving this scent. And the glass it comes in is so pretty. I think this is the perfect summer to fall transition scent.

Triple wireless charger. This saves my life daily. It charges my phone, watch and airpods all at once. It is SO easy and I love it.


Kosas Buttery Lip Treatment. Loving this so much – it’s incredibly moisturizing, smells incredible. I have two – one for the house, one for my car.

Dior Tie and Dior Lipstick. This shade is everything. It’s very much “my lips but better” – maybe the best I have found.

Haus Labs Le Monster Lip Crayon. I got this in two shades and love it. It’s matte, but almost moisturizing and not drying whatsoever. So pretty!

Olive and June Jam Please. This is the best color – it’s a bright orchid-y cool toned purple and so pretty!


Summersalt Striped Dress. My SIL wore this dress over memorial day and I had to get it. It’s been my most worn dress next to my favorite athleta one. It just goes with everything, for most summer occasions. It’s so comfortable too.

Rails Ingrid Shirt with Stars. Obsessed with rails soft denim (I’ve mentioned them here for years!) and this one is no exception. It’s so fun.

Aimee Kestenberg Belt Bag. I can’t live without these bags as slings when I have all the kids with me. I love this version for a sliiiiightly elevated look because my regular ones are more casual looking.


Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow. Oh my gosh. Still thinking about this book. I loved it SO much. It’s up there with Black Cake, Book Lovers and Every Summer After for me!

The Lazy Genius Podcast. This podcast is one of my weekly go-tos. It does apply mostly to families with kids but occasionally she will have something else that really resonates. The episodes are pretty short too, so I’ll do a dreaded task while listening.

Virgin River Season 4. I can’t get over how much I loved this. I watched it twice. So glad after season 3 wasn’t that great!


Reusable water balloons. We LOVED these this summer. They don’t take the place of regular water balloons but they are so much fun in their own right. The kids can play with them for hours! You just have to set out a bucket of water.

Bugaboo Stardust. The ease of setting this up for baby/toddler sleep is incredible. I have the guava and baby bjorn but I hate that they are basically laying on the floor. This is absolutely perfect if you’re looking for a small pack and play. It is very narrow and great for small spaces.

Bentgo chill boxes. I love the yum boxes the best for lunches, but these bentgo ones have an actual ice pack for the base of the box. They have been a lifesaver this summer and I am going to use it for Max the next month or so too.

Backseat organizers. If you’re a roadtrip family, you need this. Everything organized for the kids in one back seat. We put them on the back seats for the third row and Max and Emilia loved them.

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]

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    4 Comments on “July & August Favorites.”

  1. I just put the beach bag in my Amazon cart. We are going to cape cod next week. 

  2. One of the most random pickle loves for me is the Ithaca Pickle Hummus (they use Grillos which are SO good) and it is insane

  3. I love that dill pickle mustard! I bought three so I could put some in storage. It’s fun when a little pickle chunk gets stuck in the spout and then you get a LOT of mustard when it dislodges.

  4. We have dill pickle hummus in Canada! To die for!