tuesday things

1. Apple cider season is the best season! I love apple cider about 7000x more than pumpkin. Will that stop me from getting pumpkin starbucks today? Absolutely not.

2. Um hello I would like to try philly cheesesteak pasta!

3. I saw an article that statement necklaces are making a comeback. So, apparently I’ve had a blog long enough for them to be in, then out, and now back in again.

4. Three essential habits for living well.

5. Having a very emotional week over here with my kids going to school and thinking it’s because it’s the first “regular” school year in almost three years. I don’t know what to do with myself!

6. 5 smart kitchen cleaning tips! Need all the help I can get.

7. TV things!! Have you watched Echoes yet?! I started last night. Kinda bad but so good.

8. What’s behind america’s pickle craze. Uh, they’re delicious!

9. I sneak peeked our house build in my sunday post and I’m going to ask for your help over in my IG stories! Paint colors, tile designs, all the things.