We had a big week!

The kids started school this week, but first, some last summer fun…

One more splash pad visit!

I made garlic confit – it’s in everyday dinners!

We had school meet and greet and got caught in the rain on the way there!

I made my bruschetta chicken.

House salad always.

Max’s favorite game. We played one night after Emilia and Jordan went to bed.

Night before school pampering!

The it was the first day!

I can’t even handle them.

My favorite girl!!

First day called for the first pumpkin cream cold brew of the season.

Last year we started a make-your-own pizza night tradition on the first day of school.

It’s one of their favorite meals, of course!

At one point I caught her laying on the couch looking like she was 16. Too cute.

My favorite sight to see.

Emilia kept saying we couldn’t get this because “dada would think it’s waaaay too freaky.”

I made a version of the tiktok salmon bowls one night.

Jordan was very into the seaweed.

This is her favorite shirt.

Saturday morning, they were very into rainbows.

Max loves the ROYGBIV order.

We’re still into dress up over here!

And chopping our own fruit.

And wearing anything on our heads!

It was such a good week! Poor Jordan doesn’t get why the house is so quiet though.

Neither do I. Can’t they stay with me forever?!?!?