tuesday things

1. I’m on a mission to keep our mums alive this year. We didn’t buy any yet because it’s still too hot here, but I need all the tips!

2. This burnt basque cheesecake gelato is incredible.

3. My kids are currently obsessed with the song “it’s raining tacos.” Listen once and it will never leave your head. They put it on repeat on alexa. You’re welcome.

4. 11 reminders if you’re having a bad day.

5. If you’re a pen and paper lover like I am, do you have a favorite pen? My current fave is the sharpie felt tip, 0.4mm. These things are important.

6. TV things!! Okay so I finished Echoes, it was so odd and kind of cheesy but I also kind of liked it? Going to start Partner Track this week. Have you watched?

7. You can’t have it all. I love this!

8. It’s September and Max asked to watch a Christmas movie yesterday, so it basically feels like 2023 already.

9. Do you have a 5 minute nightly ritual in the kitchen? I do, which is kind of “resetting” things for the next morning. It makes all the difference!