Another week in the books!

I can’t believe they are all mine!

This is her “favorite shirt.”

I love waiting in the school line with her. She is so funny.

Early morning legos before school. Like 6:30 legos.

This baby!!

Whyyyy is he so big.

Post nap snuggles. I can’t even handle it! Also, please note the “flag banner” Max made of all sorts of flags and taped (!!!) them to the wall after stringing them on kitchen twine. Honestly there are pictures the kids colored taped all over the house. Anyone else?!

Hello, I could eat her up.

We had the most beautiful weather last week!


See? Another school morning.

Made some stuffed shells.

Living on the edge with this car coffee.

Early morning bubble boy.

She reeeeeally wanted to wear my barefoot dreams cardigan. Ha.

We made cookies!

Went to the park.

Always smiley.

My favorite girl!

Lunchtime at tako.

Having five eaters now is crazy.

She lives for guac.

Best little bro helpers!!

We finally got a Jeni’s!

Approved all around.

So delish.

I think he liked it.

Look at that fresh early morning ice!

He is always up to mischief with his sister.

Favorite food.

Very intrigued by his shadow.

Britney vibes? All weekend he has been taking this stuffed snack and wrapping it around his shoulders. It’s hilarious.

Pumpkin muffins to start a new week!