tuesday things

1. Current at home coffee obsession is the Stok creamed pumpkin + pumpkin creamer. It’s so good and tastes like October!

2. These nutella cupcakes are calling my name.

3. Max and I were discussing something (I don’t remember what!) and it was new to him – the opposite of what he thought. He looked at me, then shook his head, and said “let me erase my brain first.” If only I could do this with things!

4. I love this: asking yourself “is it beneficial” after just about everything.

5. TV things! I watched the Armie Hammer documentary… ick. I loved Partner Track! And I started Tell Me Lies last night.

6. Great packing tips for a weekend away.

7. I don’t love tiktok but because of it we’re constantly telling everyone in the house to “have a great day, not just a good day!” Anyone else?

8. Okay I love this podcast episode: how to make dinner when you’re never home. It’s a good one for this busy fall!