40 weeks into 2022! I can’t believe it.

My favorites in the entire world!!!

The week started off lovely. Nice and warm!

Fun park day!

Rainbows all day.

This boy has been teething like crazy. All the molars coming in.

Ready to skate!

Also had the most gorgeous sunsets this week.

Making banana bread with this bestie.

Rainy day. Jordy in Max’s old coat and Emila’s old boots. Hands in mouth because TEETH. P.S. do you think Emilia likes rainbows? Haha.

She is my favorite girl on earth.

We went to Target and she flipped out when she saw the nail polish. I love that she loves bright colors!

I will match them forever.

OG bro and sis.

We went to the pumpkin festival at Renshaw farms. If you’re local and have little kids, you have to do this!

They loved climbing on these hay bales.

And rolling in these big tubes.

And jumping on the bounce pillow!

Baby Cooper joined us too!! Not so much a baby anymore.

Baby Jordy brought his attitude to the fest.

The kids shot pumpkins out of a cannon.

We had a blast.

Here is a map of the pumpkin fest.

My mom washed and saved these face cream jars years ago – Max was obsessed with playing with them and now Jordan is too.

Late night cereal in a robe after bath time. I live for her.

I’m still making Jordan some mini pancakes each week. Actually I do three batches at a time and freeze. This time I did pumkpin.

End up with a sick baby, this poor guy just had the roughest week.

Manicure with her new neon nail polish.

Today we made a haunted gingerbread house.

Excellent piping skills for a 4 year old.

Baby boy is feeling better.

He thinks it’s so funny to throw his pacifiers at me.

Oh the amazon toy catalog came, so the kids circled things for Santa!

Matching PJs for October, of course.

This is really what it’s like taking pictures with Jordan. Loves to escape.

Annnnd it’s a new week!