We had such a nice week!

And hello this may be my favorite picture of Emilia ever. Do they make this dress in my size?

Just your weekly dose of fall spam here on the blog.

It’s so extra beautiful this year!

How cute is my little hockey guy!

First time coloring.

Have you ever put magnatiles on the garage doors?

From markers to chalk. Please note the socks + sandals.

Sometimes I love a rainy day. Max LOVES the rain.

This poor little bubbas can’t catch a break. We visited the pediatrician so much the last three weeks, I started to feel like a crazy person. Double ear infection and croup for him.

Later in the week we had a school hayride!

The sky was GORGEOUS.

And they got to pick pumpkins at the end.

This was the sky at the end of the night. AMAZING.

This weekend, my mom and I took the kids to see Frozen!! I cannot with this dress for Emilia. I love it so much, she loves it so much. Everyone stopped us and asked about it. It’s so glittery and fun. She was so comfortable in it. And her shoes lit up too. I will literally never forget this night and how adorable she looked.

The dress reflected light ALL night long. It was so fun! I was on the fence about getting this for months and finally did back in the summer. I am so glad I got it for her. She didn’t want to wear an Elsa or Anna dress, but picked this out of the closet.

I can’t believe these babies are mine!!! Also to note, Max looks equally as delightful, he wanted to wear a shirt that would look “special” for Frozen too.

My dinner companions!


They were so excited for our dinner.

Pizza, salad, arancini… a good night.

Then we walked over to the theater!

I just cannot with how much I love them.

Verrrry excited.

They did enjoy it but were very bored during the songs that aren’t in the movie. Luckily it moved quickly and those parts didn’t last very long. They loved Sven and Olaf!

I packed them bags of m&ms which they promptly ate before the show even started.

We finished off the weekend with a birthday party in the park and hockey! So glad my little lovebug is feeling better.

How is this real life?!