I can’t believe we’re heading into the last week of October.

These next two months are absolutely crazy over here… of course with the holidays but everyone’s birthdays fall in these months too! We had a fairly relaxed week and weekend and I barely took any photos!

Don’t worry I’m still losing my mind over the leaves.

This warms my heart. I am a big pen/paper person and leave notes for things so we don’t forget… Max left himself this note one night last week.

How cute are these babies! Side note: will all of Jordan’s teeth ever come in?


We did a paint project. This always calms the kids down if they are running wild.

This cracked me up! Jordan on his belly playing with his busy board.

Emilia was very into her jewelry.

We had a crumbl tasting party with grandma and pap.

Then we had a cousin party at the mall the next day! Couldn’t live without the nordstrom mother’s lounge.

Emilia and (not so) baby Coop are obsessed with each other.

Max is the BEST big brother.

Loves a good stroll.

Little loves!

This weekend, Emilia and I went with friends to see Peppa Pig!

We had lunch before.

It was so cute.

While we did that, Eddie took Max and Jordy to see a sports card trade show. Max is really into baseball, hockey, football cards and more.

This girl is just the happiest most loving sweet thing. I am so lucky!!

“Helping” with the thousands of leaves!

We had gorgeous weather!

This baby boy. Eeeep.

Max is making his first communion this year and today we had our first workshop for it.

And Jordan loves to unload the dishwasher. I can’t get enough of them!