Man these weeks are just FLYING by.

We had a packed week. These few weeks from the middle of October to mid-November are always crazy for us.

This hair, I cannot. It needs cut or something but I can’t cut his little Jaromir Jagr curls.

Fun at the park!

She loves her Halloween wear. I think it’s her favorite season.

This week was red ribbon week at school and everyday the kids had to wear something different. This was sports shirt day!

These boys.

Jordan’s favorite place to be post-nap.

Is there anything better than a rainy fall day?

We also had the book fair this week! YESSSSS, my favorite. Also, this was Hawaiian shirt day… hahaha.

And open house at school!

They were so excited to run around with friends and show off their stuff.

Stopped by sewickley creek greenhouse to see the christmas wonderland!

Spent time comparing my stanley and simple modern cups… um, I can’t believe but the simple modern wins out. It’s so much sleeker, lighter, slimmer, the straw doesn’t move and the ice holds so much longer. Oh it’s also $12-20 cheaper.

Jordan loves to sit in this cabinet. He will sit in here and babble to me while I cook.

Update: Emilia still loves doggies.

The colors though.

And the skies!

Emilia had her halloween party at school on Friday! She is being a “unicorn fairy” this year. She saw her shadow with a horn and I swear I have never seen someone so genuinely thrilled and happy in their life.

I mean!!

She is the best.

I had ordered the cutest Halloween cookie decorating kit from Micah Made Cookies.

They were SO into this.

The mini piping bags really took it over the top for them.

So happy!

The finished product.

Eddie’s pumpkin carving station. I don’t even want to tell you that one of these fell off the table and shattered after this photo.

More pics to come on Halloween night!

I threw together some random baked penne. Excellent with salad and garlic bread!

And I got one more Halloween PJ pic…

Because come Tuesday I’m breaking out the Christmas music!