1. My favorite fall color palette is above. A local nursery has these mauve-ish pinky pumpkins and gourds – the variety is called “autumn frost.” Perfection.

2. Speaking of colors, I want to get my colors done. Have you ever done this? I’m also afraid at the same time because what if they tell me I shouldn’t wear black and hot pink? That would ruin everything.

3. This peanut butter banana chocolate cake is my dream.

4. I’m almost sad that we are in October even though it’s one of my favorite months. Like how is this year going SO FAST.

5. The best changes to implement in your 30s. The daily brain dump has changed my life!

6. Every year I talk about my holiday brain dump notes document too. This seriously SAVES me – I always start looking at it this time of year. I put every single kind of note in this document, down to how many cookies I made, if it was too much, the activities we like to plan for, etc. It is the best thing ever, especially now through the end of the year when things are hectic.

7. TV things!! Still watching Tell Me Lies. I tried to watch Blonde on Netflix and OMG. I couldn’t even get past 20 minutes, but I am highly triggered by anything with kids in it. I just couldn’t. Still haven’t watched Hocus Pocus yet!

8. How to take action and make something happen. I love this.