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What I Read in September 2022.

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Hi hi! Here for my favorite reading recap of the moth.

I had so many books I wanted to read in September and ended up reading only one on my list – with some other randoms in there too! It was a mostly good reading month. I enjoyed the books I read but didn’t LOVE them all. See below for details! What good things did you read this month?!

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Lessons in Chemistry – 4.5 stars

Oh my gosh – a must read for sure. I loved it. This story follows two chemists in the 1960s, a man and a woman and the differences, discriminations and heartbreaks in their career paths. This one absolutely got me – it is heartbreaking but also so good and also really funny. It makes you root so hard for Elizabeth in the end. And makes you very happy we’re out of the 60s.

The It Girl – 4.5 stars

Looooved this one. I love Ruth Ware’s books and this one did not disappoint, plus I was feeling thriller-y. This story is about a group of friends at college – one of them ends up dead. Years later, it’s uncovered that the murdered may NOT be the murdered and ooooh it’s a good one. This jumps between past and present, which is one of my favorite ways to learn a story. There are so many twists in turns in this one too!

Things We Never Got Over – 3.5 stars

I’m so torn on this one! I did like the story, but I didn’t love one of the main characters. This follows a girl who leaves her fiance at the altar, escapes to her twin sister (who is “evil”), only for the sister to leave her with her niece that she didn’t even know exists. She meets a guy in town and a love story ensues – but I just didn’t love the love story! I had a hard time find Knox super likeable. I did however love Naomi’s niece!!

Tell Me Lies – 3.5 stars

I started watching this Hulu and it was one that I had never read! So naturally I downloaded and FLEW through it in two days. It’s different from the show in some ways for sure. The story follows a girl who meets a secretive guy the minute she gets to college – and she just can’t get away from him. They can’t get away from each other but he is not a great and they are even worse together. Once you start reading, you can’t stop. At the same time, I hated so many people in this book that I don’t know how much I actually LIKED the story.

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    3 Comments on “What I Read in September 2022.”

  1. I’m so glad to hear someone else had same experience with Tell Me Lies. Neither character was likeable and the ending w/ the car accident wasn’t really a WOW moment. Just finished the author’s other book Can’t Look Away. I found it was a better read overall and flew through it. The author, however, clearly has a thing for girls who are obsessed with guys.

  2. Lessons in Chemistry is one of my favorite books I’ve read! I loved how it didn’t use tropes to move the story along, and how individual each character is. It’s really a gem!

  3. Okay, Lessons in Chemistry finally came through my library queue. Oh, my god, Elizabeth was an absolute star. She said and did things we all wish we could say and do. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a book so much.