tuesday things

1. Dying over this apple cider caramel ice cream.

2. ‘Tis the season for the time of year when I have to cover my face as scary movie commercials come on TV.

3. This article on present bias is SO interesting!

4. We have spotted lantern flies everywhere here – they are so gross. They are also HUGE. Last week I almost stepped on one that was inside our house on the kitchen floor. You can imagine that I wasn’t dramatic at all…

5. See above for why you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to go camping. Ever.

6. How to build a stronger relationship with yourself.

7. TV things! This episode of Tell Me Lies was crazy. Also watched Greys… gosh I love Scott Speedman so much.

8. I can’t believe it but I am already SO into the christmas spirit this year. Ready to start listening to christmas music ASAP. Trying to wait until the 1st!

9. On that same note, it may be because I have all our christmas recipes done for this year and am working on new year content… bring on all the bowls and easy meals!