We had such a good week!!

I can’t even handle how much Emilia loves her big brother.

I was taking their holiday photos and trying to find a good spot. Funny faces to find the spot!

Prettiest bday flowers.

Standing in line to vote!! I went at 7:30 and had a pretty long line.

The sweetest pumpkin on her way to gymnastics.

And biking in her neon colors.

Snapped this on a walk, last week was gorgeous!

My little old man!

Love this shot of Max at practice.

And my rainbow girl ready for skating lessons.

This little one is getting so funny.

He loves to make us laugh!

We broke out the kitchen tree first!! If you’re new, you can read all about my kitchen tree and food ornaments here. I’ve been collecting food ornaments for over a decade now.

I always put fluffy blankets on the floor because I break ornaments every year… the blown glass and the tile floor – ugh. This is Max and Emilia’s favorite tree to do!

This one was into it too…

Sweetest sister cheering for Max at his hockey early this morning! She got this headband for her birthday and loves it.

This little bubs let me wear him in the baby carrier since it was freezing and also 7am.

A happy hockey play with his baby bro who just wants to RUN!

And the happiest, sneakiest little girl at breakfast this morning. Gosh I love them to pieces.