Can’t believe we’re headed into Thanksgiving week!

How adorable are these two little buddies?!

Quick little park before we got snow.

Look at those flakes!

Mixing up the seasons.

Max got the hardest worker award at hockey!

Still loving all the crafts.

And she’s skating like a champ!

Third child activities = going to his siblings activities.

The babies. My heart.

Cereal bandit.

She is my favorite girl ever.

The fort of all forts.

My mom and I saw Hadestown this week! It was so good!

We had light up night in our town.

We even walked in the parade. It was freeeeezing.

Then we came home and had our first hot chocolate of the season.

Coloring cutie.

It was rainy, snowy and gloomy all week. I swear it was dark by 3pm.

So proud of her own christmas tree!

Mine and Emilia’s favorite ornaments, of course.

Table set for Emilia’s class Thanksgiving!

And a new baby in the family!! Lacy had baby Sebastian!! He is perfect.

Max wanted to write all the states in order of how big they are (by area).

Hockey game today!

The cutest spectator.

Wild little munchkins cheering their brother on are the cutest.