tuesday things

1. We’re blasting Christmas music 24/7 here. The kids are so into Pentatonix, I love Leslie Odom Jr and if I want something easy in the morning and evenings I ask alexa to play Vince Guaraldi Christmas.

2. Craving these amaretto chocolate chip cookies.

3. Emilia got an american girl doll for her birthday and she sometimes sets it on the steps… every time I walk into the foyer area I have a heart attack because I think there is a real child on the steps.

4. How to find focus in a busy season of life.

5. TV things!! I loved Yellowstone this week. Also, have you watch Spirited yet?

6. Does anyone actually leave friends and family voicemails anymore, aside from medical/service/school calls?!

7. I love the idea of a command center in the house.

8. What do you do for Thanksgiving? Tell me your plans! This is my favorite week.

9. I made chex mix yesterday from another recipe and it was so bland. Just a PSA for my caramel chipotle chex mix that is the best.