1. My delivery driver thank you snacks are officially out and some fun things I like to include in addition to snacks/drinks: chapstick, hand cream, hand sanitizer, mints, gum, liquid IV packs, hand warmers and mini tissue packs.

2. The wintering we all need right now.

3. On that same note, I’m starting the book on wintering today!

4. Lest you think my kids love everything I make, last night we had my lemon butter chicken from Everyday Dinners and Emilia demanded chick-fil-a sauce for dipping.

5. But then she also said wouldn’t it be so beautiful if every tree in the world had ornaments on them?

6. The most iconic candy for decorating your gingerbread house.

7. TV things! Last night I watched Falling For Christmas! I thought it was cute. I’m in major holiday movie mode over here.

8. I’ve always wanted to go to Nantucket stroll and it’s this weekend – wishing more than anything I was going!

9. Here are all my gift guides you may need for this week!

10. What’s on your playlist right now? Leslie Odom Jr Christmas is on mine.