Week 49 of 2022. This is wild!

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone.

Gorgeous almost-winter skies!

This is what I set out for our delivery drivers along with a cooler with drinks. I’d love to do hot chocolate as it gets cooler but am not sure how to make it work?!

Having snacks with the big kids but throwing most on the floor…

One thing we all agree on… parmesan roasted broccoli!

Perfect baby Sebastian!! How sweet is he?!

These two have so much fun together.

Ice skating time!

He’s a trooper with his siblings’ activities.

We painted lots this week!

And our holiday outfits are in full swing.

Max has had some activities for his upcoming first communion.

And he’s been busy making lists for Santa!

We started our advent spiral this week with some wonky candles. Does this picture scream “I have a seven year old?!”

The elf came back. Max left him these notes and pictures and jokes.

I had a cookie decorating party for Emilia and her friends!

Sprinkles galore.

This was so much fun and I can already think of ways to do it again next year.

I mean… these kids love their sprinkles.

It makes me so happy!!

We used a mix of squeeze tube icing and container icing with plastic knives. It was great!

I set aside a separate box of cookies for Max to do when he got home because decorating cookies is one of his favorite things. We will do more in a week or so!

Pillow forts.

More painting. These trees and a perfect representation of their personality. Max = classic and traditional and by the book.

Emilia = funky and unique and colorful.

Had simmer pots on repeat all week.

The kids current favorite treat… pb toast with mini chocolate chips that melt.

Baby mullet curls!! I know this needs trimmed but I just can’t yet.

All the decorations are up!

This is a rainbow cookie that Max made me!

They have an obsession with doing the dishes and I hope this continues.

Hot cocoa with our advent candles.

I love this so much. I bought it on etsy two years ago. There are always a few different ones!

It’s one of my favorite traditions now!

And off for another holiday filled week!