Week 51!

How are these babies mine? I can’t even express how thankful I am, how blessed I feel that I get to be their mom. They are our everything. I was put here for them!

Still enjoying our advent spiral. Don’t mind the elf in a hot tub marshmallow bath behind it.

Their favorite part! Um also, guys, I realized after this day that we only had 21 candles out. I had left a piece in the bin!

We’re still in Christmas spirit week over here! It was light up day.

Last year I made charcuterie trays for the teachers. This year, I made them in boxes! I delivered a few to the school a bit before lunch time. I like doing this over cookies because everyone gets tons of sweets during the season.

Monday night Max made his first reconciliation.

This boy was such a dream during it!

So was she.

He came out of his shell a bit at the end. Okay this baby mullet is absolutely out of control.

My sweet boy!

Christmas tree topper was our next spirit day.

I set a day aside to bake.

This fab girl helped me once she got home from school.

Jut a bit of butter!

We made my grandma’s orange cookies.

The alison roman shortbreads.

And my grandma’s holiday thumbprints too. A few more doughs are still in the fridge.

The next day was ugly sweater day!

This isn’t ugly but it was perfect.

Rainiest, gloomiest day ever.

I love this.

We have hot chocolate in the evenings and tell each other one thing we’re thankful for.

PB blossoms!

Had to document her outfit.

Working on some new house stuff. Are we surprised someone is getting a tiny bit of pink tile?

Jordan is obsessed with putting my vest on his head through an armhole. He loves walking around like this.

On Friday we spent time with baby Sebastian and Cooper!!

Look at these best cousins!

Accidentally wearing the same shirt! 7 months + 1 day apart.

This baby is a dream!!! Look at Jordan trying to peek.

No one loves babies like Max does!

Friday night we made our sugar cookies.

The best recipe EVER is bridget’s perfect cut out cookies.

We just do cream cheese frosting and sprinkles! P.S. the snowflakes are always a fail and break. Why don’t I ever remember this?

This weekend we went downtown to see the trees.

The kids are dying to skate at the rink! Gotta go on a day when it’s not very crowded.

Jordan’s sweater was Max’s in 2016. I bought one larger for him in 2018 so Emilia could wear the smaller one. I love this sweater so much!! It’s from Hanna Anderson but they no longer carry it.

The snow flurries were perfect. I can’t believe how much I love these kids.

We also went and saw all the Santas around the world. You know how Max is super into geography!

He wanted his picture taken with each one. Look at those missing front teeth!

Quick detour to the milkshake factory even though it was freezing.

Their fave.

Love chunk!

They are so goofy and fun.

My best buddy.

Today Max had a hockey game!

This was the outfit Emilia picked out. Her style is my favorite.

One week until Santa!

SO many hearts!!!