A whole week of 2023, down!

We’ve moved on to valentine’s PJs.

This week was spent taking down all the christmas decor. I hate it! All the twinkle lights… I miss them.

Had some warm rainy days.

They love to play in the rain!

Matchy matchy.

Jordy thinks sticking out his tongue is hilarious.

I turned our christmas hot cocoa bar into a valentine’s hot cocoa bar! These heart marshmallows from target helped.

She picked out this outfit herself. ICON.


Look at my little hockey boy!

Another outfit win.

Jordan is obsessed with putting on everyone’s shoes. He had a tricky time figuring out these heels though.

So he found a better way!

Ice skating when no one else goes!

Had a little party with friends and made ice cream sundaes.

I have never had a baby love the bath like this one. I mean they’ve all loved it but this boy… obsessed.

Clean and cozy!

Another round of hot cocoa tonight.

This mullet. !!!!!!!!!!!

Annnnd looking forward to a wonderful week.