Week four in the books!

Some day off outdoor adventures!!

The weirdest weather… some snow dust on the ground and then it went up to 60!

Fresh air is the best.

Emilia did a little valentine’s painting class with friends. I will keep this art in my house forever!

Back to rainy and cold weather.

Must document the amazing bright outfits she chooses, down to the mismatched socks. I love her style.

Jordan is SO into his “babies” right now. He loves baby dolls. He just walks around asking for “baby!”

We all love breakfast for dinner. I’d say we have it every other week or so. This week, we did eggs over a sweet potato and pepper hash. It was so good.

We spend lots of time in the car for school pickup, and it’s one of my favorite times.

Both kids had basketball this weekend!

Jordan’s mullet in this picture is intense.

Jordan in Jordan.

He had so much fun running through the gym!

Emilia and I had a little day date with a friend to go see Paw Patrol live! She still LOVES Paw Patrol. Makes sense given her love of doggies!

First we had brunch!

She’s very into taking selfies right now.

Then we walked over to the show. It was so cute.

She loved it and had so much fun.

We spent today at the hockey rink for Max!

I LOVE this photo of him.

I win mother of the year and FORGOT TO BRING JORDAN’S SHOES. Ugh. We all had on boots early in the day to check on our house build! We got super muddy and took the boots off and threw them in the garage. Then I forgot to grab Jordan’s as I got the other kids’ shoes. It’s like I forget that he isn’t a baby. Thankfully my dad and brother came so we had lots of entertainment while sitting and holding and eating snacks.

Max’s biggest fan.

We spent the rest of the day getting ready for the week ahead! I made a batch of pumpkin muffins and we’re ready to go.