My favorite peeps!


We started the week with snow!

He loves being outside so much.

P.S. this snow was Max’s… remember?

Hot cocoa later that night.

Give her all the heart marshmallows.

Is he 8? Or is he 8.

A few different recipe tests that Eddie got to benefit from.

I love his action shots.

My mom and I had a show this week! So dinner before. Why is caesar salad + fries so good?!

We saw jagged little pill!

He loves to dress up with Emilia.

Hats, sunglasses, glove, shoes, you name it.

At one point this week Emilia and I turned around and Jordan had sat himself in this container. Haha.

Basketball babes!

He’s ready to play.

Just taking a minute to read.

And he looovvves taking matching pics with his siblings.

Can you tell we’re all obsessed with him? Baby love!