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January Favorites.

A peek at everything I loved in January 2023. 


ALDI Belmont Coconut Cream Pie Bites. Um, these are unreal. New favorite treat. They are tiny frozen squares and perfect for a bite size treat after dinner. The coconut are my favorite but I also really like the banana.

Trader Joe’s Cheese Filled Fiocchetti. I love have frozen TJ’s meals on hand for busy nights, whether it’s for me or even the kids. This one is so good! We all loved this. I’ve made it for Eddie and I a few times now with salads and it’s perfect.

My vegetable noodle soup. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve make this. It’s so easy, versatile, flavorful and simple. Everyone also loves it.


Simple Modern 50oz Tumbler. The last thing on earth I need is another tumbler but I got this one for Christmas and LOVE it. I don’t ever take this in my car – it doesn’t fit in a cup holder. But the benefit of this over the 40 oz simple modern and stanley is that it isn’t top heavy at all, so it NEVER falls over. It’s awesome. It’s the one I leave in my house, by my bed, while working, etc.

Beekeepers Natural Propolis Spray. We take this every morning and night – I have the regular and kids version. I swear it’s making a difference. This season has been the worst we’ve ever experienced for sickness.

Heart serving bowl. I LOVE doing fun Valentine’s stuff for the kids and this bowl is so adorable. I use it as my centerpiece right now and it’s super cute.


Iconic London Complexion Booster. I added this to my blurring skin tint and primer and love it. I mix the two of those with a drop of this and it’s so pretty. I am on my third bottles of those two, which I can’t believe. They are the perfect consistency!

Cuticle Oil Pen. I love this cuticle oil pen for my purse and car. It’s so easy to use when on the go!

Spa wrist bands. This is the best thing I’ve found in months. Oh my gosh. So you put these on your wrists while washing your face and the water/soap doesn’t run all over your arms and sink. They are AWESOME. I double cleanse and the water gets everywhere – this has stopped that. I am obsessed!


Necklace layering clasp. If you like to layer dainty necklaces, you need this!! It makes it so much easier and prevents the necklaces from becoming a tangled mess around your neck.

Align Bodysuit. I can’t believe I’m even talking about this – I never thought I’d like one of these. I have missed most of the bodysuit trend because I’ve always been pregnant or breastfeeding. Now that I’m not, I got this one and it’s my favorite winter thing right now. I top it with a sweater or sweatshirt and I love the layer it adds underneath. Also perfect for Max’s hockey games.

Neon Pink Nike Air Max 270. I want to get enough pairs to last me a lifetime – these are my dream shoes. Neon pink all over, super comfortable and cute.


Nora Goes Off Script. I’ve read a ton this month but this was by far my favorite. It’s so good! A very heart warming read.

Ginny & Georgia. I loved this season so much. Really enjoy this show and the topics it touches upon.


Yoto Mini. Emilia got the yoto mini and it’s been a game changer. She loves listening to audio books and will even play some in her room after our bedroom routine.

World Geography Game. Max got this for his birthday and it’s a huge hit. So fun – and difficult! He wins every time because he knows so much geography now. It’s definitely a fun and mind stimulating game.

Zip Gloves. I mentioned these last year but they are a game changer for the kids in cold weather. The kids can easily get their gloves on and off and these zip up the sides. Great for school too, because they keep a pain in their backpacks to go outside at recess.

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]

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    7 Comments on “January Favorites.”

  1. Can’t help myself, English professor’s daughter…”I made it for Eddie and me, not Eddie and I.
    Love your recipes😊

    • Shame on me, forgot the other set of quotation marks🙄

      • How about you stick to her overall message and leave the schooling out of it, Jane. Way to ruin the mood. 

    • I copyedit books for a living and will tell you a secret: nobody is less liked in this industry than the armchair grammarian who offers unsolicited editorial advice to amateur writers, particularly on matters that don’t impact readability. Let’s stick to our lanes, people. I’m not editing your work unless I can invoice for it.

  2. thanks for sharing!

  3. Nora Goes off Script was such a great book! I’d recommend Vacationland and Season of Second Chances for similar vibes.

  4. Love the Pie Bites! Thanks for sharing