tuesday things

1. Poll of the day: do you iron clothes at home? My mom loved (still loves?) to iron and it was a staple for her. We barely iron – I only do if it’s absolutely necessary, but we also have a steamer and Eddie gets shirts dry cleaned. I want to know who is regularly ironing in 2023.

2. This single milk bread cinnamon roll is calling my name.

3. Still have my sourdough starter in my fridge from quarantine but I haven’t touched it. I mean, when I clean the fridge I take it out and put it back in. I have an itch to start it up again so I can make sourdough pizza crust.

4. TV things!! I watched the new season of Ginny & Georgia. Love it. I always forget that Jason Street is in it!

5. Things to get rid of in your kitchen right now. Um, guilty.

6. Did you have the game Passport as a kid? I’ve been searching for this because we loved it as kids, and I think Max would be obsessed since he loves geography so much.

7. While we’re at it, did you have any of those cupcake dolls in the 90s? They were small and plastic and smelled like vanilla and cake! I didn’t really care about barbie dolls but I loved those.

8. Why we need more mindless activities.

9. Already started listening to Spare this morning. !!!