1. Look at these white chocolate raspberry cheesecake cookies! Ahhh.

2. I’m actually craving snow. We haven’t got any yet! The kids are dying for some.

3. 15 little changes to make in your home.

4. I’ve learned to take one to two things off my to-do list everyday, much like taking off one piece of jewelry before you leave the house.

5. When Emilia started talking, she called blueberries “baes.” They are still her favorite food, and we’ve always referred to them as baes. Now Jordan is calling them baes and “straw-baes” and it makes me so happy.

6. TV things!! I watched all of Ginny & Georgia – loved it. I watched Don’t Worry Darling… I think I liked it, but was lost for a majority of the time. And I watched Alone Together and thought it was kinda cute. Katie Holmes for life!

7. I want to try the Tom Hanks cocktail.

8. What are you reading now? Just finished Nora Goes Off Script and loved it so much.