1. Supposedly our taste buds change every seven years right? Is this really a thing? I swear that mine have changed in a pattern like that and it also seems like Max’s are changing right now.

2. How amazing are these blood orange cheesecake bars?!

3. It kills me when a beauty brand discontinues my favorite products. Current culprit: MAC cleanse off oil. I need a new one to try (preferably with a pump!).

4. I really want a hidden room in our house!

5. We are so tired by Friday night that my favorite thing is when we have NOTHING to do on Friday night and we go to bed early. I mean… what! I don’t even know me anymore.

6. TV things! There is nothing on, nothing! I haven’t been watching anything and have just been reading like a crazy person. Last night I did put on Shotgun Wedding. It was cute!

7. Also, there was a SATC marathon on TV this weekend and as I turned it on I realized… omg I am their age. Just no.

8. How to make boxed brownies better.

9. Super bowl snacks! I’m just here for the snacks. What will you make?